Hog Hunting With Dogo Argentino

Hog Hunting With Dogo Argentino. Linyera ] #4287148 05/30/13 02:07 am This is a hunting vide.

Boar Hunting Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennels
Boar Hunting Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennels from schafferridgedogokennel.com

This is the intense power of this amazing dog dogo argentino. I agree with pops aside from the fact that in the uk we cant have dogo's as i would love one, but american bulldogs are used alot in the us for hog hunting usually just the catching & they use the curs for the bay & just let the ab go one they have the hog in sight & i have a couple of dvds most notable the don mathews real deal one in which they just use the ab & dam they. Video is owned by national geographic's dogs 101 tv program.video is shot in argentinian wilder.

This Dog Was Designed By The Nores Martínez Brothers In Córdoba, Argentina In Order To Create A Predator For The Wild Boar Which Is An Invasive Species.

As the hogs mature, these teeth grow and sharpen to the point where they are like daggers sticking out of the hog’s mouth. Linyera ] #4287148 05/30/13 02:07 am One of kitty’s best hunts of last year on a big hog.

It Was First Bred In 1928 From The Cordoba Fighting Dog,.

The dogo argentino in action catching a big boar in texas. Lots of feral wild boar all over texas and oklahoma +5 11 months ago '15 #12: The many states in the united states now have a feral hog hunting season that goes along with elk, deer and bear season.

Marvin Garrett Of Ladogos Hunting In Argentina With Pedro Sergio Julian And His Son Juan Julian In Argentina.

We caught a very nice trophy boar hog using ar. From boar to mountain lion the breed is highly effective. This dog is massive, immensely strong, with a large jaw.

This Dog, One Of A Few Boar Hunting Breeds That Isn’t Coming From American Bulldogs.

This is a hunting vide. Wild boar, the primary prey for the dogo argentino, have long teeth that form tusks. I’m still learning as a hog hunter.

I Agree With Pops Aside From The Fact That In The Uk We Cant Have Dogo's As I Would Love One, But American Bulldogs Are Used Alot In The Us For Hog Hunting Usually Just The Catching & They Use The Curs For The Bay & Just Let The Ab Go One They Have The Hog In Sight & I Have A Couple Of Dvds Most Notable The Don Mathews Real Deal One In Which They Just Use The Ab & Dam They.

Dogo argentino hunting dog @that pet section. A redbones can follow hog scents, and a dogo argentino would bravely take on the wild boar. Miguel arias of warrior dogo is a hunter and lover of dogos he has exprerience hunting in northern and southern america.

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